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Common types of mold present indoors - Health effects, and how Bio-One of Orange can help you

Common types of mold present indoors - Health effects, and how Bio-One of Orange can help you

Exposure to humid, damp environments can have negative health effects on some people, as there is usually mold growing in these environments. While there are many (perhaps “too many”) types of mold present outdoors and indoors, some of these are categorized as toxic and should be cleaned as quickly as possible.


Mold will grow on almost any surface: walls, wallpaper, ceiling tiles, windows, wood, house furniture, fabric… pretty much, everywhere. All that it needs to grow is humidity and water. One of the main problems associated with mold, besides its various health effects, is the fact that it consumes - of feeds from- the surface where it’s growing, causing irreversible damage to items and building structures.


Mold must be addressed as soon as there’s a hint of water damage, and it’s crucial to fix this water damage in order to fully restore the property from mold damage. If you take care of the mold problem but you don’t fix what’s causing it to grow, it will grow back.

Mold damage may not be immediately visible. Bio-One of Orange specialists can detect the source of water damage and remediate the areas impacted by mold.

Bio-One of Orange specialists are prepared to help you assess the level of damage and restore your property from mold damage. Our job is focused on containing the areas impacted by mold and discarding any items and structures that might be irreversibly damaged by mold, even if it means tearing down walls and structures. These are the most common types of mold that can grow inside your property and their health effects: 

-Penicillium - Usually blue, green, or yellow, Penicillium is one of the most common types of mold present indoors. It’s often found under carpeting, old mattresses, curtains, and even inside the insulation foam. Damp environments and poor ventilation are enough for penicillium to grow and cause damage, and its health effects include respiratory problems like shortness of breath, coughing, sneezing, and flu-like symptoms. 

-Aspergillus - Usually green, white, or gray, Aspergillus is present both outdoor and indoors, and, like most types of mold, we are constantly exposed to it. Aspergillus may have stronger effects on people with a weakened immune systems, and it is the cause of a respiratory infection called Aspergillosis. It affects the lungs, sinuses, and other parts of the body, depending on the type of aspergillosis that may be contracted from mold damage.


-Stachybotrys chartarum - Also known as “black mold”, Stachybotrys chartarum is very common indoors, and it usually looks like black rings and it produces mycotoxins that can have negative health effects on some people, especially those with a weakened immune system. Exposure to Stachybotrys chartarum may develop symptoms like a runny nose, coughing, sinusitis, wheezing, and flu-like symptoms.

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Although not scientifically proven, mold exposure can have some of the following symptoms: headache, body aches, nosebleed, shortness of breath, asthma, etc. It’s important to tackle the mold damage as quickly as possible, as it can begin to colonize and disseminate within 24-48 hours after water has interacted with any of the surfaces and conditions we mentioned above.


Bio-One of Orange specialists can properly dispose of items that may be contaminated and help you take care of the mold damage in your house or property. We use the latest procedures and EPA-approved chemicals to guarantee complete disinfection from mold damage.

Bio-One of Orange can help you


Mold can cause severe damage to building structures, household items, not to mention the various health effects for people exposed to it. While it does not affect people the same way, it’s important to remediate areas impacted by mold in a timely matter to avoid further damage. Bio-One of Orange is a Micro Certified Mold Remediation Contractor. Our specialists are prepared to remediate areas from mold damage, while also providing helpful insight on how what might the cause of mold growth and how to prevent it from growing in the future.


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