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When First Responders leave and the crime scene tape comes down, Bio-One is dispatched to help families in need. Recently Bio-One of Orange received such a call to help an apartment community with a murder/suicide cleanup of a young married couple.


Upon first arriving on scene there is always a sense of uncertainty; what is behind the closed door? The initial “shock and awe” quickly subsides to a job that needs the help of Bio-One for blood remediation. A safe game plan must be formulated to properly clean such a scene.

  1. Determine where a safe biohazard and blood free zone is located to prevent any cross-contamination that could potentially contain infectious diseases. This is where the staging process of tools, chemicals and other needed material can be placed for quick and clean access.
  2. Proper PPE (personal protective equipment) must be worn by all technicians, the safe zone is the area where we will get suited and ready to work.
  3. Moving into the scene, it is crucial to work in small sections and clean with Bio-One Certified Chemicals that will destroy infectious diseases.
  4. If there is blood on the carpet, that must be treated, decontaminated and properly disposed of. With the apartment mentioned there was the master bedroom that had blood stained carpet, but the bathroom had laminate flooring. In both scenes the blood soaked through the carpet and the laminate flooring, so both had to be treated then removed to expose the subfloor for further remediation.
  5. During the process, all biohazard is placed into a “red bag” for transportation to the medical waste facility for proper disposal in accordance with OSHA Standards.
  6. Once all is remediated high powered lights are used to see if there is any blood or residue left, the tiniest drops can be hidden from the naked high intensity lighting will help illuminate any areas of concern.
  7. Once fully treated Bio-One of Orange will give the apartment community a certificate of remediation so that the staff knows it is safe to enter.

Every job is different and very unique which makes trauma and crime scene cleaning a specialized business. This type of cleaning should only be performed by trained B.O.T.S. Certified technicians. Bio-One of Orange works hard to educate apartment communities and maintenance crews about the risks involved with doing this type of cleaning themselves. These can be very dangerous situations. We hope you never have to call but if in need, Bio-One is there to help during a very traumatic event.

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Bio-One Of Orange decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

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