Bio-One Of Orange decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

Extreme Cleaning - Decluttering, Organizing your Home and Getting your life back!

Taking care of cluttered, disorganized scenarios might be challenging. There are multiple safety hazards that need to be approached with extreme care, in order to provide a safe environment for the people involved.


Bio-One of Orange specialists know this, as we’ve taken over extreme cleaning scenarios throughout Orange County, California. Our services go above and beyond cleaning. Our goal is to make your house or property is free from all the threats that entail cleaning, sanitizing, and organizing extremely deteriorated spaces.


We understand that cleaning these spaces can be overwhelming too. For Bio-One of Orange, it doesn’t matter how things got to where they did. If you need help getting your house, your property, and your life back together, we are the right people to help you.

Image shows the entrance to a bathroom blocked by trash. The walls are covered with spider webs.
Image shows the entrance to a bathroom blocked by trash. The walls are covered with spider webs.



Whether it’s a small room or large space, BIo-One of Orange specialists are prepared to help you with challenging and difficult cleaning scenarios. Often, extreme clutter is associated with hoarding. For someone who hoards, items carry a strong emotional value, so the process of decluttering is usually a stressful endeavor.

Once clutter and mess interfere with daily activities, it’s important to consider getting assistance from professionals who can help you with extreme cleaning. Bio-One of Orange specialists take into consideration all possible hazards that can put lives at risk.



Through our journey helping so many families and individuals with extreme cleaning situations, Bio-One of Orange specialists understand that the significant change people need during these situations is an improvement of their quality of life. People who live in extremely cluttered properties usually face challenges with most basic tasks like cooking, bathing, and even sleeping.


The continuous deterioration of rooms because of the unattended mess turns properties into unsafe, dangerous environments. In the most difficult cases, people need to be taken out of the property to guarantee their own safety.

If you or someone you know is struggling with severe clutter and hoarding, don’t hesitate to call Bio-One of Orange specialists. Our professional training has prepared us to face the most extreme and delicate scenarios. We offer our extreme cleaning services to help people return to safe, healthy environments.


Bio-One of Orange also works with Emergency responders and professionals that can help you understand the factors that can lead to cluttering and hoarding.

Image shows the inside of bathroom cluttered with sanitary towels and used toilet paper. The walls are covered with spider webs.

Sometimes, approaching these scenarios can be tough. We will work closely with affected individuals to make sure they’re comfortable throughout the process, while we take care of the dangerous and risky side of extreme cleaning.


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Bio-One Of Orange decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

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