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How Bio-One Specialists can help Individuals struggling with Animal Hoarding

Hoarding is a complex issue itself. The struggle with getting the simplest, day-to-day activities results in a diminished quality of life. This issue becomes far more dangerous when animals are victims of this situation. Animal hoarding is often described as a distinct mental health disorder. The reasons for people to “collect” or hoard animals are related to previous mental conditions that need to be addressed to help both the individual and the animals living in these conditions.


Bio-One of Orange specialists work with Law Enforcement, Local Authorities, Humane Officials when animal hoarding scenarios are affecting members of our community. Our ultimate goal is to help those in greater need and, while these can be tough situations, we understand that many lives are at stake. 


We are sharing the common signs to help identify an animal hoarding scenario, plus, how our Bio-One of Orange specialists can assist people in getting their life back together and hopefully, save the lives of innocent animals that, in the end, are just victims of a mistaken, missed approached intention of love.

Kitchen area filled with clutter and trash. There is a cat in the back (sitting on the dinner table) and a squirrel lurking through the trash.



Many people own multiple pets. That doesn’t make them animal hoarders. Animal hoarding signs are associated with a group of characteristics that include:


-Individual has lost control over how many animals live in their property - Animal hoarders usually lose count on how many animals are under their care. This is especially dangerous as animals can reproduce and become plagues for the surrounding neighbor/community.


-Their house or property shows signs of deterioration - Animals need proper care of their physiological needs. When hoarders fail to provide this basic care, their house or property usually becomes a deteriorated, crumbling scenario: dirty or broken windows, filthy house furniture, dirty floors, clutter, and trash.


-Strong ammonia smells that come out of the house or property - Animal urine and feces are highly infectious. If animals are trapped inside a house or property, they will do their needs wherever they find suitable. These strong smells trespass perimeters and can become a public health issue.


-Animals show signs of malnutrition - Failing to provide minimum welfare conditions for animals is one the most common signs of someone struggling with animal hoarding. The problem is, they will not admit that their animals are suffering from the lack of adequate living conditions (food, nutrition, bathing, and even socializing). In the most extreme cases, animals can die, victims of these poor conditions, and this creates an even more dangerous environment for the individual and the other animals.


Additionally and similar to hoarding, individuals will isolate themselves from family and friends. Hoarding is often perceived as an embarrassing situation. Many people are desperate for help but the social stigma around hoarding keeps them from asking for a helping hand. The reality is that the longer they live under these inadequate conditions, the higher risk of life-threatening environments not only for them but for the animals.



It’s important to understand that animal hoarding hides numerous mental health conditions that need to be addressed (people struggling with animal hoarding have gone through traumatic events, or struggle with mental conditions like Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety, and Depression) to help them get the help they deserve and keep them from relapsing to an animal hoarding situation in the future.


If you or someone you care about are struggling with Animal hoarding, please, let our Bio-One of Orange specialists take care. Our certified team of professionals is prepared to help you clean, sanitize and remove clutter from the house and property. Following strict guidelines and procedures, we will make sure the home is safe for the individual to return. 

Our Bio-One of Orange Specialists fully dressed in PPE Gear. We are ready to help you!

We will also work with the individual and family or community members involved to assist and rescue the animals. In the face of an animal hoarding scenario, it’s important to approach the affected individual with empathy, a sincere desire to help, and make them feel comfortable as we take care of them and the animals. Ultimately, we want what’s best for everyone!


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