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How does mold affect your house and your health? Bio-One of Orange specialists can help you!

How does mold affect your house and your health? Bio-One of Orange specialists can help you!

Mold plays a fundamental part in the natural environment, as it’s responsible for the decomposition of organic matter (dead leaves, trees, food). Mold spores are present in the air, and we can’t control them from coming into houses and indoor environments. They don’t pose a problem indoors, as long as they don’t interact with humidity and water. 


Mold can grow in humid, damp areas with high levels of moisture. If there’s water damage, these areas become a suitable place for mold growth and dissemination. As mold grows, it produces allergens and irritant spores that may affect those with respiratory problems and conditions. Though mold spores don’t have the same effect on everyone, children and people suffering from asthma or lung diseases are at a higher risk of exposure. 


Mold can become a serious problem for property owners, not only because of the health effects but for the irreversible damage that it causes to houses and properties. Mold can grow on almost any surface, and it usually feeds from the surface where it’s growing. From ceiling tiles, drywall, paperboard, insulation, fabric, household furniture, paper… all that mold needs to grow is a damp environment and water. 


When it comes to mold cleanup and remediation, Bio-One of Orange’s certified technicians can help you. Mold can have negative health effects if not contained properly, and if the root cause of mold growth is not addressed, it will continue growing and causing damage to the property, as well as your health. 

Mold grows quickly in areas with moisture and dampness. Broken pipes, roof and windows leaks make up for the perfect environment for mold to grow.

Mold health effects on people with pre-existing conditions


As mold grows, allergens, irritants, and mycotoxins are released into the air. If it’s growing in a poorly ventilated area, the dissemination creates a dangerous, highly contagious environment that may affect people struggling with respiratory health conditions like asthma, allergies, lung diseases/failure, etc. 


Breathing in and interacting with these mycotoxins can cause other health issues like skin rashes, red eyes, stuffy nose, coughing, and other flu-like symptoms. Sometimes, mold health effects are not immediate; people may be living in a contaminated environment and the symptoms of mold exposure are not visible until areas are severely compromised. 


Mold has a very distinctive smell: it’s a rather earthy smell, also similar to the smell of a wet pair of socks. If you notice any of these symptoms, or if you’re someone struggling with some of the medical conditions we mentioned above, leave it to Bio-One of Orange specialists to take care of the mold cleanup and remediation. Our specialists are trained to properly contain areas and items that may be contaminated by mold, and we will dispose of them in a safe, timely manner.


Mold effects on your house/property - The importance of acting quickly 


The biggest issue with mold is that most of the time damage is irreversible. When wallpaper, carpeting, upholstery, and household furniture become contaminated with mold, the proper solution is to remove and replace them. In some cases, of course, mold can be cleaned from some items without discarding them, but it is up to professionals to determine the level of damage. 


Mold can affect building structures by consuming foundations, insolation systems, HVAC systems, walls, floor, and carpeting. It’s important to quickly address the mold issue, but it’s more important to promptly fix the water or humidity problems that are causing mold to grow. Bio-One of Orange’s certified technicians work with third-party contractors to restore areas after mold has been removed from the property.

If the water issues are not promptly fixed, mold will continue to grow and evolve into a very dangerous environment for both humans and animals.

Bio-One of Orange can help you


Bio-One of Orange is a Micro Certified Mold Remediation Contractor. Our specialists are trained to thoroughly clean and disinfect houses and properties from mold damage. Mold can hide even behind wallpapers, behind counters, floor tiles, HVAC systems, and any place where there’s poor ventilation. We are prepared to tackle and promptly remediate the areas impacted by mold, and we can advise you on the key actions to prevent mold growth in the future.


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