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What are the common symptoms of someone struggling with hoarding? Bio-One of Orange specialists can help you

What are the common symptoms of someone struggling with hoarding? Bio-One of Orange specialists can help you

When a person has a hard time with discarding and detaching from their personal belongings, especially things that don’t seem to have a functional purpose, one might think that the person is struggling with a hoarding disorder. For someone who hoards, items have a different meaning, a more “emotional” value and, while it is ok to keep things that have a personal meaning for us, when the accumulation and buildup of things affect your daily activities, that’s when help from professionals is required. 


For someone struggling with hoarding -and their loved ones, the people around them- things are not easy. Both parties have to understand the dangers and the importance of approaching the situation with deep care and sensitivity. On one hand, the hoarder will struggle with understanding what hoarding means and the impact that it has had in their life. On the other, there’s the victim’s families and loved ones, who also need to understand that hoarding is related to multiple mental health conditions that must be treated. 

Ultimately, everyone needs help. Bio-One of Orange specialists can help remediate hoarding scenarios. Serving Orange County and surrounding communities, we are prepared to help you restore the property from all the biohazards that result from a buildup of possessions and clutter.

The buildup of clutter and trash can lead to potentially hazardous situations such as falls, fire hazard, cuttings, etc.

Common symptoms of someone struggling with hoarding 


A constant difficulty with parting with personal belongings: Anything from clothing, food, household appliances, books, old newspapers/mail can have a different meaning for someone struggling with hoarding. 


The need for saving things turns to distress and anxiety when attempting to discard them: Hoarding situations usually become overwhelming because of the high amount of clutter accumulated in the property. As we mentioned, if families and loved ones don’t know how to approach the individual, the outcome will be adverse for everyone.


Social isolation is very common: Hoarding comes with a stigma of shame and embarrassment. For someone struggling with hoarding, admitting the condition might be difficult, so they’ll choose to distance themselves from family and friends. That is why most hoarders live alone. 

Difficulty with performing daily activities: If hoarding were just about compulsive buying or collecting things with no consequence, perhaps it would be an easier thing to deal with. Unfortunately, hoarding poses multiple hazardous situations for the individual, and, sometimes, it can turn into a public safety issue.  


Struggle with other mental health conditions: Hoarding is often associated with other mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and even schizophrenia. Hoarders tend to neglect themselves, and it is partially because they’re just can’t do the normal things like showering, cleaning, or cooking a meal in the kitchen due to the clutter. This, combined with a history of mental health conditions, makes for a potentially life-threatening situation for themselves.

Bio-One of Orange specialists can help you clean and declutter your property.

Bio-One of Orange can help you


These symptoms help better understand hoarding and the importance of approaching these situations with care, compassion, and a genuine desire to help. Bio-One of Orange specialists are here for you. We understand that sometimes things get out of control, and we will make it a priority to restore your property from all the potential biohazards, and have you or your loved one return to a safe, clean, disinfected environment that provides a fresh, positive outlook for the hoarding disorder.


We will work with you, step-by-step, in making sure that we keep all the items of value (wallets, legal documents, photographs, collectibles) and discard those that may be dangerous for your environment. 


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