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Who is Qualified to Help someone Struggling with a Hoarding Disorder?

Hoarding is a complex but treatable condition. There’s more to hoarding than compulsively holding onto things. For someone who hoards, their items have emotional value, and letting go of these items may create stress, anxiety, and fear. 


Bio-One of Orange in Orange County, California understands that hoarding is a delicate matter which should be treated with care and compassion. We understand that someone struggling with hoarding is not likely to get professional help, which is our reason for sharing helpful information about how to assist someone struggling with hoarding.


Bio-One of Orange cares to let you know if you or someone you know is dealing with hoarding, there are many resources available to get the proper treatment. Anyone can overcome these scenarios no matter how dark or difficult they might seem.

Image shows a kitchen room where the stove and kitchen counters are filled with trash, empty cigarette packs and pizza boxes. There's also trash on the floor. Kitchen stove cannot be used.
Image shows a bedroom blocked by trash and clutter. It's impossible to walk into the room.



A person struggling with hoarding experiences a diminished quality of life. They usually neglect themselves to a point where the easiest, daily activities like cooking, cleaning, and even sleeping can become quite a challenge.


Bio-One of Orange consistently helps many families and individuals who are struggling with hoarding throughout Orange County, California, and the surrounding areas. In many cases, the individual may have trouble carrying out cleaning and disinfection of a property. If someone should hire a company, they should hire only trained professionals with the proper insurance coverages. Oftentimes, in hoarding situations, the living space has become unsanitary and dangerous to enter. In some cases, there are rats, rat feces and urine, bugs, biohazards, and much more. 


Hoarding is diagnosed and treated by a mental health professional. While there’s no specific reason why a hoarder accumulates things, there are multiple risks factors that can help identify and approach the disorder.

The main and most valuable thing you can do for someone who is struggling with a hoarding disorder is to support the individual in getting help from a mental health professional. Doctors will assist individuals with therapy and treatment for any related condition like anxiety, OCD, or depression so that they can return to their homes with a different perspective on their lives and their belongings.



Reach out to Orange County’s local government agencies, they usually work with public agencies that can help individuals with the intervention process. Sometimes, people hoard animals, where professional welfare agencies may be necessary if the lives of animals are in jeopardy. 


Bio-One of Orange specialists can help you in the process of cleaning, decluttering, and decontaminating the house or property of someone struggling with hoarding. Our main goal is to help families get their lives back on track, and help them return to a renovated home, with the hope of a fresh, new start!


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